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Affordable Travel Insurance
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Travel Insurance

"Unfamiliar surroundings greatly increase the risk of mishap - and the purpose of travel is to go to unfamiliar surroundings"
Matt Eliason 2004

Wherever you travel you need travel insurance. It could be something as simple as covering you for some lost luggage, or far more serious, such as the need to receive medical attention as a result of sickness or accident. In many countries, the cost of medical assistance can be very high, not to mention the cost associated for repatriation to your home country or state. 

Not only are there financial considerations associated with your travel plans, but if you are the victim of an undesirable event, the financial ramifications could be felt by you and your loved ones for years into the future, sometimes leading to crippling financial situations including loss of home and savings.

Depending on the type of travel you plan to undertake can also influence if your current medical insurer (if you have one) will cover you.

Trip insurance, sometimes called travel protection plans or trip cancellation insurance generally covers some or all costs in the event that you are forced to cancel your vacation due to accident, illness or certain other causes. This type of insurance also often covers travel assistance services, protection for lost or damaged baggage and medical coverage up to certain limits, depending on the policy.

In order to provide you with the best travel insurance to provide you with maximum protection and a minimum cost, Reservation Heaven has partnered with World Travel Center to bring you cheap travel insurance premiums.

World Travel Center offers a range of travel insurance from a number of insurance providers. This will ensure that you can select the best travel insurance to meet your needs and circumstances.

A note on terminology

Depending on your country, some terminology may be unfamiliar. For instance a deductable in the US is called an excess in many other countries. Please read this insurance terminology  primer to familiarise yourself with some of the terms used.

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